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suburban homes

various homes in Northeast Ohio


A sampling of local homes that reflect the character of the neighborhoods they’re designed for.  From large-scale 20,000 s.f. mansions on wooded lots to small additions & renovations in working-class communities, our firm’s principal has provided design & permit drawing services over the last 22 years for upwards of 42 single-family residences.  We work with 4 primary types of clients: 

1) builders doing speculative homes

2) builders that have already been selected by a homeowner

3) homeowners directly, then helping them in the process of selecting a contractor

4) developers who are building entire communities

We pay close attention and listen carefully to the lifestyle and dreams of the homeowner, and through a process that gently guides them towards making the best decisions within the framework of size, cost, construction time & aesthetic preferences, we always end up making the process fun for everyone involved.  We never argue with our clients, instead we advise as necessary and gain their trust by demonstrating a motivation for their best interests.  When we make design recommendations, we’re not motivated by having a portfolio project to further our firm’s reputation, but rather to use our experience to help clients avoid some of the pitfalls that could end up being overly expensive or at odds with how they want their homes to feel.  We’ve incorporated a 3D model-based design process, so that we can accelerate the timeframe and more thoroughly understand the spaces & volumes that most people have trouble envisioning by looking at traditional plans & elevations.  

* some homes designed while employed at previous firms (including CGI Inc., & DHA Ltd.) and others in collaboration with Duane Crawford