Craig Thompson Architecture | pur charge

pur charge

electric car charging station in Akron, OH

2017 –

the latest project in the heart of Akron’s historic Cascade Valley will be a mixed-use facility including electric car charging pumps, a natural local foods cafe, retail display, 2 apartments with views towards the Little Cuyahoga River, and outdoor dining terrace

the design theme is “building on our past” … figuratively & literally:  an existing building that housed a tire repair station decades ago is re-purposed into a 21st-century vehicular service station – this modern-historic relationship is also reflected in the contemporary structure built on top of the industrial CMU building

the first floor will be covered in rusted metal perforated panels to recall Akron’s gritty, industrial past as well as pay homage to our place in the “rust belt”

the second story will have simple yet energetic forms to recall the forward motion of progressive transportation & visually clean materials to express the clean energy of electric fuel

the cafe’s menu will be a first for our region, with local ingredients grown in on-site gardens as well as directly on the building

sustainable & regenerative elements will be incorporated, and expressed directly in the building’s massing