Craig Thompson Architecture | firestone plant 1

firestone plant 1

mixed-use complex in Akron, OH

project, 2017 – (copyrighted)

re-purposing our vacant but critically historic industrial buildings provides one of the most unique development opportunities in the rust belt

the original production plant of one of the big 4 rubber giants in Akron is a mammoth structure, unyielding to non-industrial uses

the design theme is to surgically demolish parts of the concrete frame structure in order to open up light, views, and air into a mixed-use complex

leaving the concrete structure partially exposed on the exterior results in a “reclaimed ruins” aesthetic

demolished concrete is re-used around the site for hard surfaces in the landscape

rooftop gardens & terraces improve the air quality, and provide gathering areas in a vertical arrangement, so that the front porch for residential units is located in the sky

neighborhood social interaction is taken vertical as well as on the street level