Craig Thompson Architecture | DNA tower

DNA tower


2006 –

concept for a tower based on the structure of DNA

formulation of the idea started as a way to remove the buildup of hurricane forces at building corners in SE Florida (by not having any corners), then evolved to be a “wrap” over an existing unfinished concrete tower in NorthEast Ohio

floors are cantilevered concrete “plates” tied to the building’s core for structural continuity, with tapered thickness away from the core in order to resist the structural moment forces, then stabilized by bands of concrete that form the DNA double-helix along the perimeter

existing cell antennas are moved outward and act as ornamentation with colored LED lights that constantly change colors, giving a “shimmering” appearance – like a torch

the DNA bands end in seemingly-randomly placed concrete “splays”¬†

parking for multi-use sections of the tower would be accommodated by a decoratively-screened open-ventilated continually-sloped circular ramp

as the design continues to be refined, vertical landscaping, solar panels, waterfalls and other sustainable/regenerative systems will be incorporated into the structure