Craig Thompson Architecture | commercial addition 01

commercial addition 01

commercial addition in Akron, OH

2017 –

in order to attract a younger membership and inject a 21st-century vibrancy to a landmark institution, a local community based organization is undertaking a building project as part of their efforts to re-imagine their local impact on our region and enhance their outreach programs

the design theme is transparency, expressed by an exaggerated visual attraction towards the entry from the street, and conversely a focus on outward extension from the interior – all building forms & elements are carefully shaped and placed to enhance this exterior-interior relationship

simple, clean materials contrast but also complement the existing vernacular history of the original structure

views to the exterior provide vistas to the valley below and beyond

a 4-foot elevation difference between sidewalk & floor level provide an opportunity to form a “forced perspective” into the entry, enhancing it’s visual focus

a curved, sloped roof over the main gathering area lets northern diffuse light into the space without severe heat gain, shadows, or glare and also expands the view out towards the valley with tall glass facades

an exterior gathering area is the “front face” of the organization to the community, and an ancillary rear gathering area provides more privacy

sustainable & re-generative elements are planned to be incorporated as the design is refined